iSwap, Trade and Share AirDrop 300HT(≈$3000)

Welcome to join iSwap Trade and Share AirDrop Campaign.

iSwap, the fastest Cross-Chain Swaps, up to 3 seconds!

Trade on or in Huobi Wallet iSwap Activity, send feedback by add #iSwapTradingFeedback “at” iSwapCom on, share 300HT(≈$3000).

Airdrop Duration: 18:00, Aug. 2nd — 24:00, Aug. 8th, 2021 (UTC/GMT+08:00)

Total Award: 300 HT! (≈$3,000)

We will draw:

  • 1 Top Lucky User: Single Swap Handling Fee X 2,500. ( Award Maximum Amount 50HT(≈$500)
  • 2 Great Lucky Users: Single Swap Handling Fee X 1,000. ( Award Maximum Amount 20HT(≈$200)
  • 10 Lucky Users: Single Swap Handling Fee X 500. ( Award Maximum Amount 10HT(≈$100)
  • The rest of unawarded users will share the 110HT(≈$1,100)
  • The AirDrop will be delivered within 7working days after the campaign ends.

Trading AirDrop Rules:

  1. One Transaction at least on or Huobi Wallet iSwap Activity Zone from 18:00, Aug. 2nd — 24:00, Aug. 8th, 2021,(UTC/GMT+08:00)
  2. The total trading amount of the single lucky user winner must be in the top 50 of the total ranking.
  3. Send the feedback via Twitter by adding #iSwapTradingFeedback and notice @ iSwapCom.

Tips: The larger amount and the greater transactions numbers you trade, the higher winning opportunities you will get.

What is iSwap?

iSwap is a comprehensive, decentralized trading platform deployed on multiple public chains (initially supporting HECO and BSC platform), with security, low transaction fees, fast speed features, and it is also integrated cross-chain and aggregated transactions.

iSwap is specialized designing for cross-chain transactions and aggregated transactions, allowing all users to enjoy lower transaction fees and lower slippage to complete the assets exchange between single or dual chains.

iSwap Official Channels:


Twitter: @iSwapCom





--, Cross-Chain Swaps in a Snap.

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iSwap, Cross-Chain Swaps in a Snap.

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